Why Choose PES?

At PES, we have found success by focusing on the employee experience. Our attention to detail, along with our carefully curated employee benefits solutions, ensure that employees are well equipped to make effective benefit decisions.

Our team is here to provide employees with one-on-one benefits support through our technology, administration and education solutions. Whether enrolling in-person, over the phone, or using one of our self-enrollment platforms, our solutions make the benefits experience simple, flexible and personal.

Benefits Technology

We understand the value of implementing simple, effective technology solutions to improve the benefits experience for brokers, employers and employees. That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop a growing, expert in-house Data & Technology team.

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Benefits Education

Our expert benefit counselors educate and empower employees to maximize their benefits by combining the strength of one-on-one in-person or virtual meetings with a full suite of both medical and voluntary worksite offerings.

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Benefits Administration

Our solutions go beyond benefits technology and education, providing a full suite of benefits administration solutions that not only improve the benefits experience, but help ease the burden on our clients’ HR teams.

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Employee Advocacy

Our team acts as the liason between employees and carriers, providing guidance to employees that may have questions about navigating claims, qualified life events, billing, dependents, and more.

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Branded HR Materials

Our team crafts customized HR communications including branded benefit booklets, open and post-enrollment flyers, brochures, videos, text and email campaigns, and microsites.

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