Enrollment Administration

We do all the hard enrollment work. All your clients and employees must do is provide us with accurate info and their selections.

We act as the intermediary between the broker and carrier, the HR and the employees. We are like a hub or data server: the effective center of a process from which a seamless enrollment radiates.

Smart planning and effective implementation are key

We refined our planning and implementation strategies through trial and error. It was the hard way but the real way. We hence developed an effective method and workflow that is tailored for each case. This enables us to plan, act and enroll fast and well.

Below is a sample implementation timeline (times can vary according to case difficulty).

Info Gathering & Setup

We collect and organize all census and policy info.
Duration: 2 weeks (varies per carrier and products offered)

Database & Scheduling

We build the platform and schedule open enrollments.

Duration: 1 week (dependent on other parties’ responsiveness)


Open enrollment at company location(s).

Duration: 2 weeks

Call-Center Clean Up

Call-center enrollment for unseen employees.

Duration: 1 week


Full enrollment reporting and validation

Duration: 2-5 days

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Platform agnostic, but quality and ease...

We are proficient with most major platforms (if not all). We are platform agnostics: name your platform of choice and we’ll use it. However, we do expect the platforms we work with to provide the best user experience and guidance for enrollees.

Here’s a list of our preferred platforms¬† ==>

Other Solutions

Preferred Carrier Rates

Account Manager

Custom Built Platforms

New Hire Onboarding

Why Enroll with Us?

We’ve done and seen it all! From smaller to larger companies, we’ve carried out many successful benefits enrollments. It wasn’t always easy, but we’ve learned the dos and don’ts.
We communicate with carriers and major platforms alike. They give us updates and inform us on how to proceed to avoid complications. We also provide feedback based on our brokers and enroller’s needs.
We work with all parties to ensure an amazing experience.

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