Benefits Administration Technology

The PES Data & Technology team is the foundation beneath every successful enrollment. Behind the scenes, our team works hard to gather vital data and build out our technology solutions to best fit the unique needs of each client.

Employee Advocacy and Support

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed help understanding your health insurance, but you didn’t know where to turn or who to contact for help?

PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE benefit decisions.

According to a study by Liazon… only 52% (of employees) really understand their benefits…

Do Employees Really Understand Their Benefits Options?

According to a study by Policygenius Inc., nearly 30% of employees say that they avoid going to doctors for treatment because they do not understand their insurance benefits.

Why Effective Communication is Key for Open Enrollment

Now more than ever, effective communication plays a key role in the success of the open enrollment process. With many employees still working remotely, company leadership may find it increasingly difficult to keep their staff engaged and focused during enrollment.

How to Prepare For Your Next Open Enrollment

With Q4 and January 2021 Open Enrollments in full swing, many companies are scrambling to put together a plan to ensure that all their employees successfully enroll in a benefits plan.