3 Signs You May Need Assistance During This Year’s Open Enrollment

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How to Build Empathy Into the Next Open Enrollment 

Since the onset of COVID-19, open enrollment has become increasingly personal.

5 Things to Ask Yourself When Developing your 2022 Employee Benefits Strategy

2022. A new year, and a new opportunity for companies to start rethinking and revamping their benefit strategies.

Employee’s Needs Are Changing. Are You Responding?

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PES | Year in Review

2021 was an incredible year of growth and development. Not only for PES, but for our partners and clients. We have spent the last 12 months expanding our team, implementing new technology…

Billing Reconciliation

Billing reconciliation is often a stress point for many brokers and employers. Most reconciliation is done manually, creating a time consuming, error prone, and unnecessary effort in what easily can be a smooth process.