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Our Mission

PES is committed to providing exceptional benefits technology, administration and education solutions that educate and empower employees to understand the value of their employee benefits and make informed decisions to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Why Choose PES?
PES By The Numbers

PES is proud to have enrolled hundreds of thousands of employees in 46 states, with that number growing exponentially each year.

We accomplish this using implementing our suite of custom benefits solutions, tailoring the enrollment experience for each of our clients. Our team has worked hard over many years to develop solutions to meet the unique needs of our broker and employer partners, and their employee populations.

Our Solutions
Our Partnerships

We are proud American Health Care Association (AHCA) and National Center For Assisted Living (NCAL) partners. We support programs and services that bring about improvement in long term care and help to create strategies to deal with a variety of profession-related issues including revised policies and regulations, staffing shortages, Medicare and Medicaid, tort reform and quality.